On the Day

The workshop starts at 10.30am but it is helpful to come earlier if possible especially if you haven’t been before so we can show you around – we will be there from 9.45am. Refreshments are available when you arrive, throughout the day and during breaks.

We start with warm up exercises. We then split into 4 or 5 parts but you are free to move between them and try out different voice ranges. Women sometimes sing tenor or bass, an octave higher if they wish. We then learn each part in turn, putting them together in stages to sing in beautiful harmony. All the leaders are very experienced and create a relaxed, fun learning environment.

We usually break for refreshments in the morning but sometimes workshop leaders want to keep the energy going until lunch-time and there will just be a comfort break. If you like you can go to the kitchen to help yourself to refreshments at any time if you can tear yourself away (ideally not while your part is being taught!)

Please bring lunch to share. Sing in Herts is fully vegetarian. Alternatively you can bring afters. If you have a special diet or wish to eat meat or fish, you can bring food to eat and not share.

We break for refreshments in the afternoon.

If you re-use your mug it will save washing up and no-one will frown!

It is wise to bring a bottle of water.

The workshop finishes at 4.30pm.

We hope you have a fantastic day. We are always keen to hear your suggestions and comments to make the day even more enjoyable.